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Children's Experiences at Nursery 

Our weekly walk to the Library, the children select books of their choice and will vote for "book of the week"

Laying flowers in memory of Queen Elizabeth II  


Visiting the church to look at the memorial in respect of the Queen's death. 

All the children in the nursery celebrated the Queen's Jubilee, the staffing and children attended the Gnosall Carnival, baked lots of cakes and made crowns to go home!

Our children enjoy planting our vegetables that they then made homemade vegetable soup!


Enjoying our pop up Mark-Making shed we use outdoors.

The children have watched the chicken's hatch and grow. All the children take it in turns to collect the eggs from the hen house and we then do dome baking for the children to take home. 

Santa came to visit the children. He left the children some lovely presents and even stayed for tea!

Our Pre-School children enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree this year! Just in time for Santa visiting.

Spotting a hedgehog on our nature.

Two little lambs came to visit all the children, the children enjoyed feeding them milk.

We celebrate all the children's birthdays with birthday cake and lots of party games.

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